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 About the woman behind the camera. 


Kemi “TRUTHIS” Karim is a visual storyteller, and founder of TRUTHIS Studios currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Working within a framework of  “shared space(s)” and “belonging,” Karim’s practice explores identity, womanhood, and experiences that form and define the Black community, centering the ways members represent themselves, liberate and uplift each other, and their relentless pursuit of joy, cultural pride, and sustainability despite social, economic, and political inequality. Using medium-format digital and film cameras, Karim creates portraits, films, and digital designs, articulating the singular and collective stories of said group, creating space for nuanced conversations and expression with the intent to educate, heal and shift perspectives. 

Kemi 3.jpg


Portrait by Kemi Karim

Born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Kemi “TRUTHIS” Karim has been working as a photographer for the past five years.  

In 2020, she officially launched TRUTHIS Studios — a creative community of over 800+ artists dedicated to connecting and collaborating on future-forward projects; this home for artists was created to generate opportunities for herself and other aspiring artists throughout NYC. With hopes to make a positive impact on the landscape of the creative community, both Karim and her organization advocate for work-life balance, healthy team dynamics, and quality, prioritizing Black talent for positions of leadership. She produces, directs, and curates all projects and events herself.

Karim has received a BA in Public Relations with a minor in Photography from Howard University.  Her work has been featured in numerous publications such as The New York Times, Culture Icon Magazine, and Voyage ATL. She has been exhibited twice at the Annual Howard University Student & Graduate Art Exhibition, and in 2022, she curated her debut solo exhibition, “A Great Day in Brooklyn”. She was awarded “Best in Photography” at the Annual Howard University Student & Graduate Art Exhibition in 2021. 


2023 "In My Bag" curated by Cierra Britton Gallery co-curated by Jewel Ham 


2021 The Howard University Annual Student & Graduate Exhibition, "Best in Show," Washington, D.C.

2020 The Howard University Annual Student & Graduate Exhibition, Washington, D.C.



2022 Black Art Matters, 237ent

2022 Behind Her Eyes: Developing Your Craft and Navigating the Industry from the Perspective of Woman Artists, Almira Kennedy Coursey Amphitheatre at Herbert Von King Park



Dirty Girl, "Never Go in A Womxn’s Purse; It’s Not Your Place or Your Business" by Kemi "TRUTHIS" Karim (23')

The New York Times, "For These Families, H.B.C.U.s Aren’t Just an Option. They’re a Tradition" by Lise Funderburg (22')

Shoutout Atlanta, "Meet Kemi "TRUTHIS" Karim" by Mike Bhand (22')

Culture Icon Mag, ISSUE 2, (Pages 44-45) (22')

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